Ally's Angels

the kindest word in the world is the unkind word, unsaid


Ally was a lovely person. She was outgoing, hilarious, and effervescent. Ally hugs were the best hugs. Her heart was so big, and her smile was contagious. She had a certain charisma about her that no one could ever match up to.

A few of her favorite shows and movies were Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, or anything Disney really, and she loved Milo and Otis and My Girl. We watched Titanic a solid 127 times and she would get mad about the fact that Jack died after every ending.

She was addicted to noodles, cats, and music. Her favorite singer was Lana Del Ray, and one of her favorite bands was The Neighborhood. Her cats are named Buster and Moose (she was really creative with names). Moose is living with Gramma now.

One thing I will always remember about her is that she was so photogenic. If she really wanted to, she could become a model, easily. I will personally remember her taste in music. She introduced me to all of the music I listen to now, and we would always listen to it together. During summers, we went to the pool a lot of times. Ally would give me a piggyback because she was tall enough to stand in the deep end and I was too short. I would have to hold on to her. People may have thought that was strange, but Ally was a cuddly affectionate person and she was not afraid to show she cared about someone. Our friendship was completely opposite. She was tall, I was short. She was loud, I was quiet. Everything about us was so different, but it all worked. She and I were always there for each other and she was one of my best friends. -Victoria

One time we went to the Dublin Park, and we were with Josh and Charlie, and we were playing sardines (reverse hide-and-seek), and she randomly puked twice, and then peed on the sidewalk, all in public, all in the same night. – Ashley

The first time I met Ally she was 10 years old. She was with my daughter Victoria and a group of friends that were all in our family room. They had the music turned up loud and they were all dancing, with Ally in the lead. She was so full of energy and happiness as she danced to the music and led the other kids. I just sat there and observed all of them, especially Ally. My first impression of her was that she was so full of life and was the life of the party. That never changed in all the years we knew her. She was a very important part of our life. We will never forget her. – Miss Teresa

My memories of Ally are too many and still hurt so much they fill my eyes with tears. The music of the sound of her full blown laugh. The pure look of joy on her face when she was riding horses. The beauty of the smile on her face when she wanted me to take her picture. She would stay overnight at my house and we would rest together on the couch and she would lay her head in my lap so I could rub her head and her eyebrows while we watched a show together. I am missing her so much. – Gramma







  1. Kayla Adams says:

    Overall all my favorite memories with ally are the most random, sitting on the kitchen floor eating ramen noodles & having heart to hearts to pointlessly walking around with nothing to do in the middle of the night.
    When me and Ally were in elementary school i had a ceramic bunny in my yard, and she stuck it in her shirt and yelled “HIS NAME IS FINN AND HE LIVES IN MY SHIRT” we thought that was the funniest inside joke ever for some reason lol. About a year or two ago she was in my neighborhood, and she “kidnapped” Finn and posted a “ransom letter” with him on facebook lmao. I’m pretty sure Finn is still sitting on her dresser even now.. – Kayla

    forever missing my favorite gingy.

  2. All the girls know I am a sucker for the puppyface. One time she wanted cheesy noodles and she used it and I told her I am over it, not happening. Without missing a beat she said what about a kittyface, and started purring and crawling around my legs. Then monkeyface jumping around screaming oooh oooh ahh ahh. I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. I am really glad I made her those noodles. <3

  3. Sarah carroll says:

    One time in choir class freshman year, we had a sub who was really mean. Ally’s phone went off and she started singing at the top of her lungs, The phone, the phone is ringing! And the sub got so mad at her and all of us because we couldn’t stop laughing. I remember just a few days before she left the world I was sitting at the table in 209 and she was there “working” on math. She was actually on Facebook constantly switching back and fourth. We shared quite a few laughs over that. I showed her how to use a graphic calculator. She was so happy once she figured it out. I’ll forever miss that contagious smile.

  4. Olesya says:

    My favorite memory of Ally, was 8th grade year. I didn’t see her for a long time but we always texted or facebook chatted, one weeked i was at the mall and i saw her, yelled her name across the mall and we both ran and hugged so tight. It was the longest time we were apart and her hug was so comforting and loving. She the continued to talk about this cute boy she saw and we gave him a code name and then followed him around calling out his code name. ❤️

  5. random says:

    I would like to keep myself private because the way i feel about ally is so deep.. i still cant believe my eyes when i think of how much she always glowed.. Ally was so loving no matter what. chance after chance i gave ally i just loved her more because she was such a good friend. how crazy to think one person could be so loved!! Ally everyday i think about you and not a day goes by that i dont smile because i loved you so much!! I just know that no matter what ally you will never be forgotten!! i love you more and more each day !! and you will forever be missed ❤️

  6. tyra harris says:

    i miss ally so much. you could say that she made my day one day. i love her crazy self. man just want her to know she got me through the same crap she went through. im happy that i was her friend for real.

  7. Heavyn Rhoades says:

    I miss her day by day, more and more. I have so many amazing memories with her and Im very fortunate to have even been as close as I was with her. Ally really was almost like the life brought into any room. I remember her always coming over, my dad could never remember her last name so she said, “just think of hot dogs” and sure enough, it helped. She would stay the night with me and Id stay with here. My sister and I went to her house for the night and I opened the freezer that smacked into my sisters nose, we were terrified to tell my dad because we thought we would get introuble. Or the time that my dad took Ally and I to build-a-bear and we both got the same one bunny, naming them off of the twilight saga. She named hers Alice and I named mine Bella. I miss you ally, so much.

  8. Alaina says:

    I remember about two years ago Ally and I went to The Ohio State Fair and we rode the same ride over and over again to the point that she threw up. I also remember when we would have sleepovers at my grandmas house and we world stay up all night watching stupid scary movies.

    • Nyrese Webster says:

      I remember one night you both invited me to watch those. They seemed so scary at the time but looking back they were just funny

  9. Dillon says:

    It is so sad how I only got to met her ONCE in her lifetime

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  12. Mike Franks says:

    My memories of Ally are vivid. Constantly, I picture her through the years of hearing the banging, dropping and stomping upstairs, and her flying down the steps, her red hair flying as well, trying to catch the bus in time. It was 50-50 if she remembered everything.
    She rarely forgot to tell me she loved me going out the door. I think she was that way to most everyone.

    • Alec Scott says:

      The thing I miss about her is her bring me back out to the chruch I grew up in and her hugs meant like I knew I could be my self and she would drop anything she was doing to help me out and she was an image of her mother . And she is a person that is so true to people

  13. David Webster says:

    Ally was a shining light in a world of darkness. She and my daughter were close friends. Anytime Ally came by she was bright, bubbly, laughing. She was absolutely the most humorous girl we knew. She reminded us so much of Britney from Glee! We would often talk about “Ally-isms” that would have us just rolling. We miss Ally and we love this site. The bullying needs to come to an end.

  14. Clarisa says:

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  15. Bethany Patrick says:

    I’ve known Ally forever. We use to live across a field from each other. And played all the time together as kids. We use to be best friends and once middle school came we started to drift off a little. And then high school and we didn’t have many classes together. But i still considered her one of my good friends. She always knew how to cheer me up when i was down. She was a goof ball, and always had me smiling. I haven’t had the heart to post anything about her because i’ve been so heartbroken over it. I miss you soo much Ally. Rest easy babygirl, i love you ❤

  16. Ronnie Wollett says:

    I have a couple really vivid memories, but honestly there’s one worth sharing above all, that emulates who Ally was as a person. This is hard to talk about but Last year I was going through a lot of bad stuff, I had been fighting depression on and off and around March it reached a peak and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had suicidal thoughts, and one night I became wrapped up in them, I was very alone at the time and I needed someone to talk this all out with. I called Ally, not having talked with her in a few months since we had lost a lot of contact since freshman year, and she answered. I told her I really needed someone to talk to and she came and got me, we talked for hours. About what was going on with me, about what was going on with her, and just talked everything out. I am so grateful for those hours I spent talking to her, because In a way she saved me. I wasn’t okay and just knowing that Ally, who had been through Hell and back, actually gave up time to help me like we used to always do in 8th grade just made me stronger. And that was the last time I saw her in person. I miss skyping her and hanging at perry, those days were always the best. We all miss you. What a loss, of someone so selfless. God re gained another angel.

  17. tonya says:

    Ally was so bright inside and out. She lit up a room.I remember her at my son’s birthday parties and when I took her for driving lessons.She actually did really well! She talked about her future and how much she appreciated her grandma and dad even though it was hard to express it sometimes.I told her it’s hard for all teenagers! I’m very close to her father and know he was a good father and worked hard. I love them both and will always remember Ally Layne (layne is my son’s name) She was beautiful and special.

  18. Grace Good says:

    I had the pleasure of getting to know ally last year(my soph year) when I had 3 classes with her. One of those classes, was ceramics, and every single day she would walk in with a big, beautiful smile that was contagious. She sat right beside me everyday, and her, Riley, gunner, and I had the craziest, funniest conversations. Her laugh was booming, and one of a kind. I always looked forward to hearing about her crazy life, and listening to her stories that she told so well. Ally opened up to me about her boyfriends, and I always asked her if they treated her right. She deserved 1000x better than some of them. There is not a day that I don’t walk into ceramics, hoping to see her smiling face. I love you and miss you so incredibly much, Ally. Can’t wait to see your beautiful face again someday❤️

  19. damian friley says:

    My freshman year started of pretty bad but when ally came around she made me smile like no one else was able to she made me happy she was one of the first people to talk to me when i came there she is forever miss i love ya ally

  20. Arleen Johnston says:

    Ally was my red-headed daughter.
    Not really, of course, but when we would go out in public so many people assumed she was my daughter because we were both redheads. People would comment on how rare it was to see 2 natural redheads. We would just laugh and soak up the attention.
    She wanted me to teach her how to quilt. So she would come over and we would set around the table and talk while quilting.
    But that girl was so clumsy, seriously , lol. She got her hair caught in my door, and her finger stuck in my sewing machine, and she tripped going down the stairs.
    And all of this was in one day!!

  21. MollyKate Cline says:

    I miss all of Ally and I’s random memories together. I remember when she changed her name to ‘Lexie’ in my phone because she wanted to “change things up”, but she was always Ally. There’s no changing that. I remember doing photo shoots with her, and she threw her shoes off and got in a stream and yelled “I’M READY TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED” I remember endless days of movie watching, sleepovers, track practices and reciting Romeo and Juliette to each other.I would do anything to see her again.

  22. What can I say about this beautiful soul? She was so unique in every way. No one could compare to Ally! I always called her my “red-haired Taylor Swift!” I swear -they could have been twins. Ally has been in our lives for so long. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of her as soon as my eyes pop open, or before I close them at night.  Watching this beautiful little girl grow into such a wonderful young lady was an honor. She would come over & eat us out of house & home! I have no idea where she put it all. LOL! She was sooooo funny! One night while she was out late sneaking around the neighborhood, she stole this bunny out of our front yard. She had named him “Finn” a few months before. When I woke up the next morning, she had posted a picture of Finn with a ransom note on Facebook! It was hilarious. We still laugh about that to this day. Definitely my favorite memory of her! ha ha We never did get Finn back. He still resides in Ally’s room to this day. Ally’s Angels have done a phenomenal job in raising awareness & keeping her memory alive. They have put in so much heart, soul, tears, and honest love for her. I am so proud of this group & so blessed to be a part of what has become a close family. Ally would be so proud! She sees. She knows. There is a quote that really hits home: “IF LOVE COULD HAVE SAVED HER, SHE WOULD HAVE LIVED FOREVER”. She was loved..

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  24. close friend says:

    Sometimes I wish this wasnt real, you not being here and not being able hear you one last time. Everytime I think about our friendship i think about so many good things, the way you made me smile all the time was only one thing i love about you. Words couldn’t describe how much you made an impact anywhere you were, People love you and it makes me almost tear when i see a post about you. I just want you to find the peace youve always been looking for and I know as sad as you were you stayed strong for so long. Nobodys mad at you because we understand its not okay to bully and make someone feel unwanted. You were so much more than anything you could imagine and i just hope you know your loved by so many people…Ally youll forever be in my heart

  25. Bethany Brown says:

    I will forever treasure the moments I spent with Ally; and sometimes I find it hard to recall a lot of them because I never knew it would happen.
    One of my favorite memories was when I stayed the night at her house. We dressed up and she did our make up and played Lana Del Rey all night long. (She is the person who got me addicted to Lana!) But the best part about that night was before we went to sleep. Ally and I talked for a couple hours about EVERYTHING. It was so bizarre that two gingers could be so alike. She was such a generous and kind-hearted person. One of my favorite things about her was she would run to anyone if they were in trouble. One time I was sick and she asked if she could walk over to see me. I really love that about her. She had this punk-sassy down to earth attitude that no one could compare to.
    I hope you can see this, dear, because words cannot describe how much I miss and need you. I love you, Ally!!

  26. Jolene says:

    This is one of the most beautiful memorial pages i have ever seen/read in my entire life. The love you all have for her is beautiful. Stay strong.

  27. Nyrese Webster says:

    It took me a while to be able to look at this site but I’m glad I did. My favorite memory about her was outside of my house in 8th grade. We were climbing my huge tree and she fell face first on the ground. She just sat up and laughed for so long. I was scared she hurt herself but seeing her laugh I knew she wasn’t. We must have sat there laughing for 10 minutes and after that she just wanted to climb it again.
    I’ll never forget her crazy laugh or her beautiful smile. And I know that she’ll always be with all of us. She was so darn beautiful. She always will be.
    R.I.P. babe. I’ll keep you with me forever.

  28. Kayla Scott says:

    For some reason I’m just now seeing this website and reading all the things people have to say about Ally makes me miss her even more. Though I moved to a new district after my 8th grade year at McCord Middle school I still received the heartbreaking message of Ally. I met her through my friend Sophia and I remember thinking how fun of a person she would be to hang out with and I was finally able to at Sophia’s birthday party. We played just dance and ate bw3s and went to go see Hunger Games afterwards. I miss her outgoing personality, she was always smiling it seemed and even though we weren’t extremely close friends I know she was and amazing person on both the inside and out. I wish I had only gotten to know her more and sad that I moved away before I could. She was a great person and I will miss her dearly, we all will.

  29. Cece Bryant says:

    Ally was my best friend in elementary school, probably one of the best friends that I have ever had. She sure knew how to love someone unconditionally. Looking back, every memory I have from 3rd grade to 6th grade includes her, and I am so grateful that I of all people was lucky enough to be friends with her. I remember one day it had rained and my backyard was turned into a mud pit, but she insisted that we go outside to play anyway. We ended up covered in mud from head to toe, laughing and screaming and throwing big globs of mud at each other. I will remember that as one of the best times in my life.

    Sometimes I ask myself why I didn’t reconnect with her, because she was always up for a chat, or even a dance after we had drifted apart. I wish I had smiled at her in the hallways or texted her to catch up like she asked me to freshman year. I will always regret that, but I will never regret all of the good times that we had together.
    RIP Ally, the memories that you have given all of us will help you to live forever in our minds.

  30. damian friley says:

    happy birthday ally i miss you so much

  31. Haley Swickard says:

    I remember me,brooke,Lexie we all went over to your house did like a “makeover” we laughed and jammed to music. I have lots of memories with you:) some you may not even remember but I remember that me you and Katrina Williams and maybe her brother always say on the electrical box and just hung out there for hours, every day in the summer you were the best person ever❤️ Ilysm

  32. Alec Scott says:

    Ally helped me come out to chruch and she was a person I could talk to because a lot of people made fun of me and she wouldn’t . And she was like and angle god brought down and its hard to think god took her because he must need her . But she was a person who would drop anything she was doing to hang with the chruch group and its hard for men to go on here and see the posts.

  33. victoria tzangas says:

    this memory just recently came back to me. when ally and I were younger, we used to talk about living together. we would have a cute old house and we would paint each room a different color. she said she had a dream one night that she fast forwarded to that time. in the dream, she was sleeping, and I was making pizza rolls. apparently I screamed to her “I BURNT THE PIZZA ROLLS DO YA WANT ANY?” that was a joke of ours for the longest time, and it was one of the ones I hold near and dear to my heart. live in our house up there, ally, I love you.

  34. Kayla Adams says:

    Allys been on my mind so heavy lately, I’ve never missed someone like this and its all still unreal to me.. I need my big sister back. I still find myself going to text her when something reminds me of one of our inside jokes or memories… all of our memories growing up are so precious to me and I’m so thankful I have them to remember her by. Reading and hearing everyones favorite stories of her is beyond comforting and I know she’s watching over us. I hope you found your peace beautiful gingy, I love you with all my heart. ❤️

  35. Random says:

    It was my junior year. Allys freshman year. I remember seeing her for the first time she was absloutly gorgeous. I was envious of her. I remember thinking we would never be friends. I was still grieving a loss of a parent, and had went in the bathroom while tears ran down my face and my eyes got puffy and red. And ally of all people stopped and asked what was wrong and she wouldnt let me leave till I told her. She hugged me and was there for a whole class period. I will never forget that moment. She was there and in that moment I realized I wasnt alone.

  36. Random says:

    Ally I haven’t forgotten about you. A little to often I am at work and look down at my wrist and my eyes are brought to tears because all I have left of you is your name around my wrist. I miss you ginger. To much for words to describe

  37. Random says:

    We still miss you Ally. ♡

  38. victoria tzangas says:

    it feels like an eternity since you’ve been gone. i miss you endlessly.

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  43. Bethany Brown says:

    One of the things I never really got to tell you was that you were the first real friend I made going back to public school after many years. I was so nervous and dealt with a little of social anxiety. I didn’t think people enjoyed my company much when I came to Kilbourne and then I met you, Ally, and it all just clicked. You were like my other half and it still hurts knowing that I can’t talk to you right now. It feels like it’s been forever and a day some more..
    Now i’ll always love you forever and a day.

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  47. Heavyn says:

    I miss you so much..

  48. Random says:

    It hurts everything hurts Ally. I’ve wanted to commit suicide more times in the past few months than ever before I my life. People keep saying “it will get better” but it seems to just get worse. It hurts so bad. The text I’ve received saying I’m a liar, a faker, a nothing, nobody wants me…and I am so sorry baby girl, that you went through that. And more than that I am sorry I wasn’t there. But somehow as I go threw these awful thoughts of wanting to die and feeling alone as words coming threw my telephone screen stab me in the heart I know your watching over me giving me strength to keep going. People see my bracelet and ask about you. It gives me an opportunity to talk about you…remember you. I love you girl. I hope to be reunited soon

    • Sam Marchio says:

      Please stay strong! Ally wouldn’t want you to contemplate suicide!!! She would want you to live and LIVE FOR HER SO SHE CAN LIVE THROUGH YOU! HOLD HER BULLIES RESPONSIBLE AND MAKE SURE IT DOESN’T HAPPEN TO OTHERS! LIFE IS SO SHORT! STAND FOR ALLY! STAND FOR YOURSELF! STAND FOR LOVE! GOD BLESS YOU! Ally is with you everyday..Live like you know she is watching! Do all that you can to keep her memory alive! Be the change she so much needed to see and feel in other people! BE ALLY’S HOPE..BE ALLY’S HERO! Samantha

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  54. Jasmine Smith says:

    Ally was and still is a beautiful perso . We personally hanged out a few times and she’s always lit up the roo . I loved watching her in choir when ever I came into class to help Larry. Ally you truly are misse . RIP

  55. - says:

    I’d be lying if I said we were best friends, but we had fun together, you know? I miss you, especially today :(

  56. anonymous says:

    i’d be lying if i said we were best friend, but we had fun together, you know? I miss you so much :(

  57. faith says:

    Ally was such an amazing outgoing beautiful person, inside & out. we were never really close but every time I needed you or needed someone to just talk to, to help me with my struggles you were always there for me & you always got me threw it. I miss you so much & you are a truly loved person. you’ll be truly missed forever but never forgotten.

  58. Carissa Rausch says:

    I miss you so much I remember we made up an Indian dance and we put on dinosaur masks in Dollar Tree and did it down the halls… We were both super goofy and two of a kind and I feel like half of me is missing. I have had my own struggles with bullying and depression and boys so when we first met in middle school at church group we bonded instantly. I miss our deep conversations and our silly jokes. I just feel so empty I wish we could all reverse time to get you back you made this world better. ❤️

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  62. Hey Red- we miss u so much! I look at your pics with Kayla every single day. We were so robbed of your 18th birthday. You will forever be in our hearts & our minds. Love u babe

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