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Ally’s Angels has decided to put their fundraising caps back on and support the AFSP’s annual Out of the Darkness Walk. They are a national organization that fund research, create educational programs, advocate for public policy, and support survivors of suicide loss.





Alex Craig, Ashley Baurichter, Hailey Malone and Mollykate Cline collecting donations at the WalMart on Sawmill Road.

We set a group goal of $1000 this year. We have been asking our friends and family to donate $1 to sponsor a walker. The $1 donations really add up and we are on track to meet our goal :)


Please consider sponsoring a walker for $1 or joining our team by clicking the link below:


thank you <3

I over reached with the google map… message your name and location, they do not have to be published on the site and I will get you on there.



Google map for balloon launch      AllyFlyerBalloon


Please print “AllyFlyerBalloon” and attach it to your balloon on November 30th for Ally’s Balloon Launch to help spread Ally’s message!


  1. the link to the Google map is above, also the flyer to attach to the balloon… thank you… please let me know if you cannot add yourself to the map <3


    Ally’s Angels is proud to honor Ally by participating in the Out of the Darkness walk benefiting the AFSP.

    We are almost halfway to our goal of $1000, follow the link to donate or volunteer or just learn more about the organization

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