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Personal Bullying Stories

This is a page where you can share a personal story of your own experience with suicide or bullying or share a story of how someone close to you may have been affected. Please feel free to open up.


  1. Alex Craig says:

    I was bullied most of my elementary school years by many different people, eventually in 6th grade I had to transfer schools because it got so bad, it helped a little but not as much as I was hoping for. in 7th grade things got better and then the end of 8th grade things went down hill I was thinking suicidal things, I hated it but I couldn’t control it. things kept getting worse I remember being in my best friends house thinking about ending it right then and there . but something stopped me and I was receiving texts like crazy. one read “hey Alex would you like to study the bible and get tacos for dinner , I know you’re in a bad place right now but its not worth your time, come with me and we WILL get things figured out I promise”. i came out of the room I was in, with the locked door , and I see my friend crying. I later went with the other girl who offered me tacos and reading the bible , and after that I felt different , a way I have never felt before I felt loved . she explained many things to me and one was that Christ will never leave you . That night I became Christian and accepted God’s death on the cross to count for me. I know that the reason I’m here today is because of God, and my friends and family. Thank you for loving and supporting me.

  2. Hayley Wilson says:

    Ive been bullied since I was 8. Ive been called every name in the book. Threatened, harrassed, bullied. And because of it i have depression, anxiety, high panic disorder, and chronic insomnia. I got baptized in Pentecostal Apostolic and got made fun of for dressing the way i did. I recentley moved to NC and its gotten worse. Ive been told to kill myself nd much worse. I cut myself and I cannot stop.. My best friend is suicidal and i have been having thoughts of it everyday for 2 weeks.. This website has helped me just because i know your listening. And that means the most. Thanks.

  3. MollyKate Cline says:

    I’ve definitely had my fair share of bullying throughout most of my childhood. Classmates found everything they could to bully me. ‘too tall’ ‘too skinny’ ‘weird’ ‘crooked teeth’ ‘a nobody’ ‘band nerd’ ‘art girl’ ‘unpopular’ ‘sensitive’ I remember getting things thrown at me everyday on the bus, and kids kicking and hitting me and throwing me into street when I would try to walk home. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that with the right mindset, you’ll rise above the bullies. Be yourself, ignore them, prove them wrong. I hope this site can help people realize they’re special and their life shouldn’t be spent worrying about people putting them down.

  4. Nyrese Webster says:

    Iv been bullied to the moon and back. Since I was a little girl just because instead of dresses I wore boy clothes and browns shirts. I left deleware at the end of 4th grade And went to Worthington (granby elementary) I made the mistake of wearing all black the first day of school and got teased and made fun of for it. That stuck all the way up until last year at Thomas highschool. Some boy in 7th grade (mccord middle) spread around that I was a whore. I had only ever kissed one person. One time. Then in 8th I dated a girl. So I became the crazy emo slutty lesbian. At that point I had started taking random pills smoking pot dropping acid. I even shot up once. I couldn’t handle the pain and I had no one but my sister. But she was having issues to. I had started to cut in 6th grade. That’s a bit messed up. I dont do it much anymore. But I am manic depressive (bipolar) I have extreme depression and anxiety. Skitsophrenic traits. And horrible horrible commitment and trust issues. The first day of the last week of 8th grade I OD’d on so many pills. I didn’t know what they were. All I knew is I wanted to die. It wasn’t the first time I tried but it was the closest. I was in the hospital for a week. Then they moved me to a mental hospital.
    This site is amazing. We can share our stories without being judged. Thank you so so much. Iv been wanting to get that off my chest for years and years.

  5. visit now says:

    Awesome article.Thanks Again.

  6. abbie says:

    altough i didnt know ally, i was in her shoes almost a year ago in december. i had lost the love of my life of almsot 3 years and my best friend. i was alone. my oldest brother truned into drugs and was a pretty shitty person to me. my other brother had moved away to college and i had just felt like everyone was leaving. i was constantly getting bullied day after day after day. i would make up exuses not to go to school. and then after i has pretty bad health problems. i didnt really talk to anyone. i also was scared to get close to anyone at this point due to an instanted that had ruined my
    life. i had cut myself and should hide it so no one saw. and i had tired to commit suicide a couple of times. i had finally met someone i should trust he had turned into my best friend. well i had told him i tried to commit suicied and he told a teacher. only because he was worried about me. i then got called down to the office where then they called my parents. i was transported to Netcare where they said i needed farther help. i then spent 10 days in a mental hospital for adolescents. i only saw my mom and dad for 15 mins a day. and it was hard even though i never talked to my parents about what was going i felt like they were missing as i was away. as i got out of the hospital. i was put on meds and saw a counselor twice a week. little did i know telling my best friend would change my life. going into that hospital had changed me as a person. i am now doing 10 times better. im still on meds but now i go see my counselor every month. i can open up to my parents and pretty much everyone now. i do have my bad days better everyone has those. all i have to say is never be afriad to speak up. becaus if you dont you never know what will happen. i was diagnosed with PTSD and major depression. altough i was in a rough spot no matter what you should always talk to someone! i am now in a nursing program and trying to figure my life out and have wonderful friends. i promise you everything gets better i never believed anyone who said it but now i do. i have never met Ally but i can tell she was an amazing person and loved by a lot. never go unheard! someone is always here to listen.
    Rest In Peace Ally<3

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